Ch.2 Toolkit – Paradigm Shift – The Overachiever’s Dilemma Book

CH 2: Paradigm Shift


Certain paradigms are influencing how you view the world every day. Over the years, these concepts are forged and become extremely difficult to change. The first step towards contentment is exploring your personal definition of success and how it’s impacted your happiness.


In this chapter, you learned that your current definition of success affects every decision that you make. In this exercise, I’m going to challenge you to explore how this paradigm has negatively impacted your happiness over the years.

Here’s how this works:

  1. Select at least three examples of decisions you’ve made in your life that were influenced by your need to chase after success.
  2. Talk about the beliefs that led you to make these decisions.
  3. Detail the negative consequences of these decisions.

Click here to download a pdf of The Paradigm Shift Exercise.

TED Talk

Flow, The Secret to Happiness


What Drives You?: For success to bring you satisfaction, it needs to be linked to what drives you- not what the world insists is important. Here is a short article about why you do what you do which hopefully can help guide you while trying to create your definition of success.

Meditations for a New Paradigm: This app helps you refresh and renew through guided meditations that will enhance your daily life. It can be found for $7.99 on google play and can help get you in the right mindset during this journey.


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