Leave Your Laptop At Work

Get More Done During The Week, So You Don’t Need To Catch Up On The Weekend.

This is how business professionals can seldom check their email after 6PM, and leave their laptops at the office of the weekend without getting behind on work or sacrificing their freedom.

5 Simple Steps to…

Be more effective during regular work hours…

This guide will teach you:

How to Adjust Your Mentality Around the ‘Average’ Work Week

Don’t be tricked into thinking “If I just put in enough hours, I’ll get it all done,” or that getting it ‘all done’ is the goal in the first place.

How to Create a Simple, but Effective Plan for Each Week

Most of your regular activities and tasks fall within a handful of activities. You’ll learn how to get the most out of them.

How to Set Strong Boundaries to Lessen the Impact of Distractions

Information, texts and emails may move at the speed of light, but that doesn’t mean you have to…

Take Back Your Weekends!

If work has found a way to creep into your leisure time, or worse, you can’t remember a time where ‘leisure’ was ever a thing, this SMALL PDF will give you a simple, practical approach to doing well in all areas of life.

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